All-Hallows Eve


Drunk on 
autumn’s grape 
and pear

October flourishes 
a careless brush 

Spatters blood 
across a naked 

And scatters debris 
at her feet 


In his passing 
tosses faces 
to the air 

Sends palmate 
shadows tumbling 
on the green 

A wildness lights 
his grey and amber eyes 

In the skies 
summer’s shine 
fights the dour dark 
of winter days

His voice is heard 
from the bow waves 
on white lace seas 

And through the 
susurrating branches 
of wind winnowed trees 


Death he paints 
in shades of red 
and burnished 
copper coins 

The blood 
the gore 

The glory of 
the ill defined

The ragged threads 
of dead men 
hang from sycamore 
and maple. 

The worlds ablaze 
with setting suns 
and pagan’s holy songs


Until he packs 
his gay portfolio 

Erases all the vibrancy 
the dancing fools
the painted clowns 

He frowns 

And with a breath 
of gale 
the green is skeletal 

     -Dave Kavanagh

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