A dark eyed woman

A dark eyed woman
sits behind
the chesterfield suite.
Head on, she is
deaf and dumb,
numb, colourless
and frozen.

At the edge of sight
she laughs,
vibrant and bright.
Her hair is covered
by a black scarf,
her eyes are
clear and shining.

Her smile contagious.

When I look again
I see only black and white,
an image
of a woman
embracing death.
I turn forward again
so I can see, not with eyes
but with soul and perception.

The mirror of her brightness
is an imp, a small
black eyed boy,

Sallow skinned
and curls
of shaved ebony.
I hear them play at
the edge of my vision,

They sit
on the shadow side of God,
this child unborn
and this woman
trailing blood.


-Dave Kavanagh


A 34-year-old pregnant woman lost her baby after she was kicked to the ground in a racially aggravated attack in England.

(It could have been Dublin, New York, Paris)

The woman was in the Co-op store on Water Eaton Road when she was approached by a man who made racial remarks.

She was followed to her car, where the suspect hit her husband over the head with a bag of ice and a bottle, before kicking her in the torso, causing her to fall to the floor.

The woman lost her baby as a result of the attack,

5 thoughts on “A dark eyed woman

    1. Thank you for reading, I have become almost immune to beauty. I find it hart to write of hearts and roses and think I must write about these awful things. Poets need to be a part of the solution as we always have been.

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