Fuck You Cancer.

Fuck you no hair!
bald, head, chest
and between my legs.

gender depleted,
testosterone defeated
by toxic medication.

Fuck you shiny head
I’m gonna wig up,
selfie the shit out of meself,
put it all on the intranet.

Tweet and bleat
that I don’t care about
my condition.
Party like I feel better
and hide my tears
in morning
breakfast cereals.

Bin the wig,
its to much hassle,
my mirror is too honest.

I’m swallowing
hazardous waste,
that tastes like muck,
fuck you cancer.
And the bastard cell
You rode in on.

A beanie
is this weeks compromise,
my eyes have sunken
into dark sullen skies.

I cry now whenever I want to.
I tweet not for sympathy
but to remind myself
I’m still alive.

Hodgkin’s Lymphoma,
a mouthful
of hateful diagnosis.

a medical code word
for nausea and dizziness.

I’m a fucking mess
a stressed out, head wrecked
quivering pale walking

So here’s the deal cancer,
six months of IV pissy drips
and crunchy pills
in fist fulls.

Then I’m done
it’s over.
sentence served,
fuck you cancer,
that’s all your getting

    -Dave Kavanagh
Inspired by Louise McSharry’s wonderful documentary. “Fuck Cancer”

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