A fascination with goldfish

Look at you,
growing larger and smaller
as you circle closer and farther.

A Koi Carp
with no sense of water,
just a world that passes east or west
of dead bulging eyes,
seventy by seventy times

If you die
will your spirit know the caress
of waves?

On golden scales
that stand in rows
of rising suns
and setting moons.

Do you know
your journey is circular?
Or do you fathom
past the glass,
to the curtains

Or to the sea
where your caste were born free
or to the lakes
at the foot of Mount Fuji.

Do you dream
in spherical prison
or have you gone entirely mad
within the confines
of a your globular world?

How many times a day
do you pass the potted fern?
The silver elephant
or the lovers embracing
beneath the standard lamp?

Do you comprehend
the beginning and end
of the loop?
Do you race? Time yourself?
aim daily for a personal best.

Or does the water
in your bowl distort the world
of sitting room
so you see stars and gibbous moons
and feel the current of ebb and flow
in the lakes
at the foot of Mount Fuji.

-Dave Kavanagh

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