a blue boy with too long hair
scuffs his shoes, listlessly kicking
a tin can along the curb.

Herds of similar half grown men and women,
wan from the cold shock of early mornings,
make their way back to the cradle of their
deeply unloved civilisation.

There are no smiles,
no high fives or laughing faces,
just resignation,
mute acceptance that summer is past.

And with autumn
the return to books and pens
and the drudgery of alarms & timetables.
No more sea, surf or warm salty nights.

No child-like mimicking of adulthood,
kissing on swings in twilit parks,
under starburst lens of whispering leaves.
Summer cedes stage to the brittle weeds of autumn

Now only occasional couples walk,
hands entwined, shy belief still in owlish eyes,
summer will return
unbeaten by uniforms and early city paths.

-Dave Kavanagh


All my kids (wife as well) went back to school yesterday 🙂 

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