City Fox

Are you feral still?


Inside, where the light from savage amber eyes glows on dark nights.


Does your pulse still beat to the bay of blooded hounds

and the thunder of sharp hooves?

Or have you grown immune, in your city home

to the tempo of wood and ditch and bramble thicket.


Did you succumb to this of your own wild will?


Was attrition or starvation your motivation

to make this urban relocation?

Did you freely surrender nuts and berries and birds

for the detritus of a meaner human world?


are you content with scraps from restaurants skips?

And half empty tins tumbling from rubbish bins.


The din of hollow metal sheet on hard cold city concrete.,

Street lights dimming memories of moons,

among this tamed ruin of moor and wood.


Did the lure of domestication

entice a wild nation to this state of vermin’s station?


A city fox.


Boxed in to a carved and gridded wilderness

in sewer pipe burrows and scrap metal runs

hounds and guns are silent here

and skies collide with lines and line

of dark angular silhouettes.




-Dave Kavanagh

7 thoughts on “City Fox

    1. This vixen when I last saw her was raising a litter of kittens (Yes cat kittens) in a garden in the beautiful city of Exeter🙂 She was been fed by the lady who owned the garden she was denned in so I think we can say that she was doing ok🙂 Thank as always for reading Morgan

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I love seeing/hearing about how loving and compassionate Nature can be. Raising Kittens… how Beautiful and Im so glad to hear she, in turn, was being cared for by a loving soul 😉

        Liked by 1 person

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