a break, space for him to breathe
surcease from the constant din
the noise of daily life
no more the sounds of a city in chaos
no alarms, or traffic noise

cease the chatter of children
in the loud rumbling bus
no babies cry or chatter noise
or buzzing din of busy bees

hush the senseless hum
of the unending human race

Shut it out, Shut it down
mute the television, its senseless droning
kill the static spewing radio

let the world stand still
keep aircraft grounded
and diesel trains stationary in their yards
keep boats moored silent on the quay

give him space to breath
space to silence the shrieking
of his noise polluted head

and then, only then
in the stillness of a silent world
let it be heard in all its splendour
the sounds of creations birth

the echo of first day in a noiseless world
wind and earth and fire
the sound of silence loud and grand
echoing across the newly minted land



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