a day in any ordinary life

Choirs chime a chorus of celestial noise
a chimera winds a carraige clock
and cherub feet pitter patter past
kicking planets out of alignment

The universe cracks,
shattered shards of star glazed china,
wedgewood brilliant blue
and grids of geometric black

Clues to salvation
glued in random numbers
on the reverse
of  Sepia tinted photographs

Andy Warhol race riot lithographs line the corridors
of networks, voices verbalise in loops
of final solutions and restitution
to pay back man’s inhumanity to himself

Familiarity is old shoes
moulded to toes imperfections
a dog tail dead and done
that still keeps wagging

A spoon scraping a bowl
and the sight of green –eyes and bare skin
wrapped up
in my old working shirt

-dave kavanagh

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