Stop killing me with your God.

Please realise
that he is weighty
this God of yours.
And you brandish him
so freely.

You use him
as a spear, shield, staff,
a mystic disco light.
You stay up nights
lighting candles.

Praying and paying
to buy the not so pure
entry into heaven
through the back door.

So is he real this God?
does he inhabit a mosque,
a church, a synagogue.
Is he!
all –powerful and all –seeing?
A sacred being?

Is he a father?
a son? a ghost?
the most powerful?
or most reviled?
Does he love all man kind?

Or only those who pay their dues,
The chosen few
not heathens
(or Syrians)

And please sir
my mouth is full
stop trying to force feed
me your creed,

Stop stuffing blasphemy
in my mouth.
I will spit it out!

Stop killing me
with your God.


Before you decide this is an anti -God write and condemn me to hell……….. please read a little deeper.

3 thoughts on “Stop killing me with your God.

  1. Dave for all that we are taught about, about God, for all the horrible things going on right now in this world of ours, it is not surprising at all to question your beliefs whether it’s God ,Allah or even the Source. We have a very volatile world to deal with every day. I would suppose that lack of answers is one thing when questioning his existence and yet when you have no one else to turn to,maybe it’s the thought as you sit in a empty church and pour your heart out to him as a way of venting that you find solace in him. You have to go with your own thinking on this one whether to believe or not.

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