composed for you


composed for you,
to evoke your shade,
each cursive stroke
each note, on toes-
a drop of blood.

each clef and minim
drawn with hands that
stroked you cheeks.
ghost notes on lower scales.

hope slides off the page.
i take my violin
and play,
the notes are song,
the song is dance

and dance is you.
I close my eyes
and feel you move
across my page,

feel age slip away,
your hand on my shoulder.
I lift you high, you fly
landing in adagio,

the flow and lift
to arabesque
and ballotté.
my heart stops.

violin tumbles
from numb fingers,
cheeks are wet
as I forget the colour of your eyes.

the lies we tell
ourselves, and yet
for just that moment
you danced to my music.


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