Rewrite- repaint- redo.



This is three separate poems in a series exploring life and death as art and God as the artist. I of course blame God, who I have little faith in, for all the ills in the world and so I can clearly be said to be a hypocrite. If you read these I would love to hear your views. Comment box is at the end of the page.

Thank you




is this portrait done?
this petulant person, painted
complete in jaded jowl and jaw

if so
i wish it redone
by a thinner brush
and finer hand

on canvas
not torn or worn
at fatigued and faded edges.


is this poem now penned?
words woven
last lines lisped
in the voice and vision
of a lesser God.

is faith a fiction?
inscribed on a scribble sheet
in blood red rage.

are we dependent
of the state or sanity
of a divine dictator
not so skilled
to be called a Laureate


is this fable finished?
final pages penned,
edits entirely done.If so I want it burned.
destroyed, to dust and detritus
rewrite the roles.characters must be
extoled to endless effort,
endings must re-plotted,

by the wrist and wit
of a writer
that will desert us
if his fidgeting fingers
are not stayed.


2 thoughts on “Rewrite- repaint- redo.

    1. Indeed they have. I think the deeper message within this triptych is that we paint our own portrait and write our own story and blaming a divine for what we have produced is wrong. Yes religion has much to answer for

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