On the Z list (profanity)

i wonder what it takes
to be considered good enough
whose ass do you have to rim 
or whose dick do you have to suck
how high the hill of mediocrity 
to climb. 

to step over 
the shoulders 
of minnow and maggots 
to achive the ribbon blue 
to be front page news. 

public enemy number one 
a scumbag with a gun. 
A bandit on the run. 

I don’t think I have the gumption 
and I sure don’t have the suction 
so I will stay here in the gutter 
my words muttered and sputtered 

be an itinerant poet
and wannabe bard. 
I wonder how far it is 
to infamy

    -dave kavanagh

Sorry if this offends but sometimes you gotta vent.

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