My life in black & white

My day is like
a foreign language movie.
I hear the words
but nothing moves me.


It’s wide angle zoom,
black and white, fisheye wide.
Smoke curling nights in hoarse jazz clubs
with madam X playing base and singing sweet
and a sardonic bearded dwarf
on the rusty jaw harp.

Earnest conversations
in train stations,
sombre women speak
in clipped prose
and broken down pathos.

Sì or Oui a favoured phrase
silence is a new craze
favoured by the Sergio Leone
school of direction.
sex at viewers discretion

Disagreements become fights
on two-tone streets
with raucous ravens
and dulcet doves
attacking from storm scented skies.

Or bumpy rides
to flat -grey -one -dimensional towns
on black and white beeline busses.

I wonder if I play the lead
or just a minor role
in the hue-less play
that is my
monochromatic day.

-Dave Kavanagh

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