Ehh… Hello

I never did this HELLO WORLD post so here it


Welcome to my head.

I grew up in a tiny place in North Dublin. A fishing and farming village that boasted a population of three hundred souls when I touched down in 1964. It hasn’t grown hugely since then. The people, characters and places of my mostly happy childhood are the root of much of the writing.

Ber and Rou

I married Ber, my childhood sweetheart in 1986 and she has been good enough to stay with me since then. We have had 3 wonderful kids. Shaun was born in 1983 and we lost him in 1995 (The single worst day of our lives) Adam is 15 and Rou is 3. We are a loud, opinionated and mostly happy family. The kids are inspiration for some of my writing.


We live on a small (Tiny) Farm and lose money yearly chasing a passion for breeding and production of sport horses. I have worked in various roles including Assistant Farm Manager in the Cape RSA , Taxi Driver in Cape Town, Tour Guide all around Ireland, Truck Driver anywhere the road took me and the list goes on. I owned my own successful business for twenty five years. I am now a full time Dad and happy to be exactly that.

Other life experience has been the ground from which other work has sprung. Under  MUSINGS  you will find an eclectic mix of the rubbish that daily fills my head.

Loughshinny North Co Dublin

I am at this moment the best version of me that I can be. I have been better and I have been worse. But I am happy with the person I am. I write every day but I only edit occasionally so much of what you see on this blog will be rough. I prefer to chase ideas rather than chase perfection so when an idea lands I run with it and whatever my “troubled mind” churns out is what I post. This is an imperfect way to do things no doubt but the writing is honest and reflects my mood on the day, it just makes me a little harder to love.

I Hope you enjoy some of what you find here and I look forward to making more friends and being inspired by the wonderful writing of other.



6 thoughts on “Ehh… Hello

  1. Totally just had a light bulb moment.. I’m such an intelligent dumb ass at times I swear…Dave K. ap…appreciate you finding me on facebook mate and glad to come across you here as well. I have been very inactive on my wordpress (actually thought i deleted it) in fact on most my accounts since teetering the ledge. I too have ADD (no H, drugged that bitch into submission, yeah slightly) but also battle with Bi-polar Manic Depression and am once again throwing caution to the wind and took myself off meds. I feel betrayed by my Physch up and leaving me, after my pain DR. (physically disabled too, trifecta) of 10 years quit with a weeks notice I’m just untrusting, devastated etc.. Especially with two suicide attempts since last Dec. the latest nearly successful as I ended up in ICU it’s like why the fuck bother? Do it alone.. I shoulder through in clips and waved phrases. My time outside family goes to trying to stay current in marketing myself upon the vast social tiers and poetry readings. I love reading, it’s like karaoke with my own jams and no booze. (2 years without) I’m glad to have another chance at knowing one another look forward to getting into your works. Note I’m a slacking Buzz-Zip-Stall type that starts and has too many projects firing and shorting out at once but i dont forget.

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