Jihad born at the hand of God (A parable viewed from below)

adam craved the crimson blush
the words and rhymes flowing rich
from soft smooth skin.

saw the key to knowing
in pink forbidden flesh
saw the illusion of being a slave,
craved discharge from chaffing chains.

eve eased her errant lovers
furrowed brow,
showed him the art of gently plucking
a ripe red apple from a trembling tree,

made him a mortal man
to flee the master of the slaves
to save the seed and plant again.

knowledge flows from seeing
that the master models vassals on himself,
plucks them ready- made
from a slimy space dirt shelf
conjures life
and sets it to the tending
of a blooming garden paradise

the price, obedience and servitude,
to tend the fruit but not to eat
to live alone on wine and meat

when the lord became a snake
a viper in the golden grass
preached venom in the garden,

placed murder in their knotted grasp
that beast and men killed in sport

he cast his slaves into the fire
a parent abusing a wayward child
he freed from his chest the beast
that ravaged lands created by his hands.
the purge of those that disagree
with divine decree.

Jihad born at the hand of God

-dave kavanagh

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