You are

I am.
The grand plans.
The structural rearranger,
car repairer,
excursion booker
garden mucker.

You are the little jobs,
the bits and bobs,
the small details
that make our lives glow.

You are a polished handle,
scented candle,
crisp sheets and sock drawers,
wallpaper and polished floors.

You are medicine
and bandages,
instant sandwiches,
cooking smells,
pasta shells,
scones and jam,
Christmas ham.

You are a soft palm
on a hot head,
breakfast in bed,
tea and toast,
Sunday roast.

You are so much more than me
endless cups of sweet tea
a symphony
the best of me.

You are, the small details,
the hammer and nails
that make the house I built
a home.

Dave Kavanagh

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