Funeral blues

Alive I came,
Impatient, hurried,
to bear witness
to a burial.

A man I didn’t
know well,
in a new cemetery,
that sits modestly,
among old trees,
by the north bound
railway track.

I walked the paths
between the shining
names intoned
in matt and
death and loss,
etched deep to keep
the dead alive
in memory at least.

I meet there
children, faces
once familiar,
grown old.
Dead some years.
these men I kicked
a football with,
lay now in changed

So many gone
away, stretched
and decayed
beneath the clay,
Passed without
a nod to me,
connection severed,
never to be restored

I read inscriptions
as if they were
accusing letters,
every stroke evoked
a face, a day,
a place.
And grief stole
upon me like a
cold hand
on an uncaring

And voices say,
remember me,
this too is your
twisted road.
This line of narrow
of lavender
and matted rose,
this haven of last

The hearse arrived,
I walked to greet
the latest resident
and think ill of my
I vow to waste some
more hours here
among the dead
before I waste them
all on lesser things.

-Dave Kavanagh

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