Just a silly poem

I am the tree,
deep rooted and static,
you the wind,
wild and frantic

I am the earth solid
you the sky,
bondless, ethereal

I am the soil,
you the seed,
I am the shore
you the sea

A wanderer.
Head full of wonder lust
Nomadic, sporadically insane,
sunshine after rain.

You are fresh air
a roamer, home maker
daybreak runner,
humour, annoyance

my touchstone,
my crown
and my thorns.

We are co-joined
not inclined
to mild or meek,
strong or weak 
black or white
we merge as sepia.

I am the words,
you the movement
and the music.
I am the baseline
you the solo

You are the dance,
I am the poetry

    -Dave Kavanagh

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