Eyes reprised by dawn

Sundowners on the balcony.
Vodka for her, Gin for me.
Crickets and palm fronds
breaking the silence
between us.

We swore years before
not to let the sun set
on anger,
to stay awake and talk it out.

She pouts, wrinkles now
outline a still full mouth.
We were young for so long,
now we are aging
but our eyes still see young

I have already forgotten
why we argued but the silence
furrows my brow. I
want to say I am sorry
but I have forgotten how.

The breeze off the mountains
chills the air.
I retire first, silence still
and so this will be a first.
In thirty five years
a fight
has never come between us.

I toss and turn
until four AM. first light.
Night over, bed empty
and fear crawls, ice over bile
as I rush to the kitchen.

There she sits,
a shawl about bare beautiful
shoulders. “I am sorry” I say.
She smiles and yawns,
eyes reprise the dawn.

She stands, kisses me full
on a waiting mouth,
teeth crushed tongue frozen.
Have I ever been the first
to bow before?
She pads silently to bed,
to sleep at last, promises kept.

-Dave Kavanagh

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