A Coffee Poem (While sipping coffee at 5:05am On a solstice morning)

In the window
I see myself
a mean sight
this close to midnight.

On the opaque side
a shimmering pier
where rising tide
and boats appear

Fields of green
filtered black
bean sweet stink
I think of theorems

Seagulls sing in unison
a choir
of cackling caws
and raucous roars.

Tails on boats
shrimp and prawn
and shouts ignite
irate from pins and pores.

demand fair share
of silver scales, but
won’t work to earn it.

From deepest well
strong tungsten poured
erupts a seal
to steal rainbows.

Deep drilled diamonds
fall from dripping nets
oil-skinned spiders
scurry on ice slick decks.

Falcon falls from Indigo
to black eyes surprised
March’s reward
tucked in grass.

Adder counts
From nought to one
no fingers
just a twisted thumb.

Leveret is swept skyward
hares breathe from death
rapscallion astronaut
shivers in the space of stars.

A June moon glides
quietly to sleep
under fields
dark and deep.

A raven butchers sheep
eyes prized most
and taken first
a thirst for blood.

The sound of orphans
screams shrill and sparse
panic on
the greenest grass.

the refrain the same
from every throat
lambs beg for mutton legs
called Ma.

-Dave Kavanagh

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