Summer Silenced

Summer silence,
undertone of music,
breath exhaled.
Breeze rotates the
leaves on a metal tree
with plastic coated

Scent of
sparks off cotton
Wave goodbye to wet
and gather sunshine
in dry fibres.

Grass sighs under
somnambulant sun,
the crack and crinkle
of growth,
sprouts and shoots.

Leaves turn to
reveal stamps and
study notes in borders,
cursive curlicues and commas
that notate the height
of ranks and files.

A creak, a swing
built by father’s hands,
children too old now
to sit.
Left to die slowly
this monument of
rope and wood
a memorial to
parental ties.

The hollow scuffed
by summer shoes
still bare and brown,
denuded by giggles
and blood from knees
and red dressed noses,

Bees buzz in other
gardens but here
the grunt and groan
of ghosts and scholars
resist the wings of

Pollen stolen turns to
rust on laden legs and
twisted tongues.
This is a winter place,
the gate closed to
summer symphonies
and arias,

Summer heat lays
in another garden
of ash and stone
that grows warm moss.
Here smiles die
on sepia photographs
turned to cold
stone walls.

-Dave Kavanagh

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