The climb on a narrow path,
from sea level to sixteen
hundred feet,
complete with ground squirrels,
crown of thorns and dry water

the climb starts on shale,
small sea worn stone and sand.
Then as we travel it turns
to gritty green, grey gravel
seed bed of whips of Datura
and scrawny oleanders.

African squirrels,
ancestors of sailors pets,
scurry for cover
among the ruggedness of rock
and jagged jutting outcrops,

Burrows built deep
in subsided soil, sand stone
and calcite fallen down  off higher

Two hours of hard going,
pushing and pulling,
overcoming fears, vertigo
and fallen arches
to drag a fat and failing
fifty two year old body
to the the ridge.

The view, of sea to roaring sea,
north, south, east & west,
worth the lost sweat.

Then the quicker job of descent.
Goat paths back to the sea on
the western side of paradise.

     – Dave Kavanagh

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