A prayer for sobriety

Make it stop I say
in my prayer for sobriety
this whining wicked world
that spins
on rum red mornings
and black blue daiquiri nights.

the jive talking fools
on cracked plastic stools
mouths that flap
their gin dry lips.
Talking storms
between sour breath sips,
saying nothing worth a damn.

Please put a stop to the lies
the brandy highs
and wine lows.
Eyes that look like dog piss holes
poking out in broken bottle pairs.

Come take away
the bare ass burn,
the shivering morns
of hard boiled cheeks.
and a voice too weak to speak
or tell of need.

Pardon me the weeks
of whisky noses,
red roses and white cards.
The “I’m sorry” notes
in shaky script aren’t worth a shit.
And screw the puke that tastes
of peppermints.

I want to retire from
beer and rye
to live my life Riviera dry.
See golden mornings
and jet black nights.
have eyes that see in blue sunlight

Not these red rimmed gum balls
That tell the world a story
in tilted, headlines
and stumbling falls.
Balls shrivelled
in a useless sack
Half way up a barren crack.

I want to walk on desert sand,
see the girth and heft of land
fall asleep on river banks
with stars burning high
in velvet skies.

I want the walls of whisky town
to crumble down
like Jericho.
I want the beer buzz,
the whisky glow
and this grinding hangovers to go.

-Dave Kavanagh

Inspired by “Beer” Charles Bukowski.


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