All your pretty promises

Red white and blue
shadow, you!
There, but barely visible
Drifting in the grey mist
of fading sight

a shade, dark stalking horse
blacker than plum bruised midnight.
A dog that weaves
and glimmers.

You, the ghost
of every painted clown
that laid me down,
and stretched me thin

Bitch clawing eyes
with sharp serrated nails
and ripping my skin,
with rusting razor words.

That echo still
and will in years to come
pretty promises
and malicious lies.
support from fire rained skies

Bright hellos
fuck you goodbye.
The blood and tears
in blue bleak solitude

You stalk my waking
and tossed sleeping,
Wavering. Just out of sight,
And out of favour

You, once a friend,
an comrade in arms,
Now a pale ghost
whitewash wish,
whispered bitch

Distorted face, fading
into waves of nausea
You sold me cheap,
thirty pieces
of filthy stinking brass.
and a saddle for my back

At the edge of vision,
you linger
on the cusp of senses,
at the limit of hearing
way past caring.

You stink of betrayal.
Judas in green fatigues
a jilted bride of scarlet
words all dried to ash
on forked false tongues.

I will put you away
now, Toss you like a grenade
casually aside,
hard and fast.

To forget
and to pardon
myself at least….. for the dead
and all the harm you did.

© Dave Kavanagh

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