A daze of days.

Pin these glory days to Velcro boards.
they will dissolve in daze
of incoherence.

days of bouffant candy-floss
on sticks too fragile
to hold sweet pink heads high.

Don’t be candy-floss;
sticky sugar spun, or light.

Be coffee; dark and strong,
be a song of hectic mornings.

Tag yourself
in reflections of these days
effortless running
battling wind
and steep uphill,
strength untested.

Picasso these days
of carefree affairs,
and casual sex.
Cowboy boots and flairs.
Penny arcades
and county fairs,

dancing in halls
and barns,
cheek to cheek.
Make them your meat
and wine. Dine in style
waste no iota of ephemeral sweetness

-Dave Kavanagh

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