I am desert

I am desert
Young still, the song of rain and
grass still coursing deep
in shrinking veins, underground.
The thunder of hooves, buffalo
and killers in pursuit,
carried over warming pelt.

I am desert.
Asleep beneath the gods
alive in worlds of fish and wave
vibrating still in grit and grain.
Screams of rapine buried deep
in dunes of crown corral graves.

I am desert.
Old now in earth history
fragmented forest and stream
children burned to tilt and turn by gods
that rage in fire. Spurned by she that ruled
and she I lusted after

I am desert
Dead now, no breath drawn,
broken beneath her sun.
desiccated in this turpitude of heat.
a shawl of shimmer, woven deep.
Gold across my face.

I am this place of ancient faces,
crypt of all created.
Soft landings and memories
that drown and die in sand.

~ Dave Kavanagh

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