Attenborough at ninty

Macaque monkeys make nests
in steel canopies of canvas leaves.
Night falls across a neon world,
bull frogs call to blushing brides
on water lily pads.

Coral snakes sneak along green
Invading palaces of cranesbills
and city civets.

Traffic zooms through
primordial rooms,
night bridges are caves
to roosting bats that feed
on giant blooms to insure
a glut of autumnal fruit.

A hawk circles high in a city sky.
Otters play in aqueducts
and on the over pass trucks zoom
east and west.

The world adapts,
reacts to ever changing moods
And in the city ponds,
dragons sing their dragon songs.
While a golden voice narrates their
lives. Attenborough at ninty.

  -Dave Kavanagh

A tribute to the legend that is
Sir David Attenborough.

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