Song of Beginnings

Wrapped in sound
wave and wind
sing lullabies.

Our world tilting,
head spinning, bright.
the staccato blow
lulls somnambulant senses

dazzled as we carousel
under this perfection

A breeze
plays tag
with sea-spurge
and fescues
and carries a song
of ancient memories
from ocean trenches.

An aria resounds,
of recent births
and krill swarming
in the north Atlantic,

We stand besotted
above this shining world.
Dance to
a symphony,
that hums
on invisible wires.

Music of boats and waves,
tails and glistening scales
Mating Whales
sing love-songs,
swimming side by side
off the coast of Greenland.

Sun, a lovers kiss
on a collared neck,
a gentle touch that ignites
electric storms
tingling deep on groin and back.
Feeling like a heart-attack.

Hand in hand we stand
on cliffs burning bright with ending.
A day so perfect,
we pray again
for new beginnings.

– Dave Kavanagh

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