Only men

I’m here to defend
the indefensible. Men.
The oppressor of woman
for generations. We who chained
our brothers and our sisters
     and ignored our children.

We that held the role of leader
and provider, dividers
and conquerors, like the great lions
of the tawny plains who guards
his pride with strength
     and arrogance

Or the tusked walrus
of the northern beaches, creatures
who answer a primordial call
under skies of aurora lights.

Men who went to war. Killing.
brothers on bloody fields,
where screams carried to the ears
of villages and towns

And out to sea where sailors
drowned in pursuit of whale.

Harpooners firing from matchwood
providing whalebone to the ladies
of the gentry and tallow
to light the empty windows
     of the poor.

Men. The cowards
and the enemy. Stinking soldiers    
     and sailors.
Ignorant farmers
and hunched tailors.
Doctors who work in hospitals
and under canvas in the camps.

The men who work in wards
and class rooms, on the streets
     and in homes,
those who take a carers role.

Men like myself who take
the easy road and stay at home.
Full time Dads we’re called
but we are men, indefensible,
we are rapists and we are abusers,
users who return?….. nothing.

Fathers, uncles, brothers, sons.
The one you point your finger at
when you say. They are only men.

     – Dave Kavanagh.

2 thoughts on “Only men

  1. I read with pained breath, agreeing, but shaking my head.
    Men, who are (also) Mozart, Shakespeare,
    And DiVinci,
    Vagabonds of Nature, Yet Masters of Expression;
    Lovers gentle and Devoted (of which there may admittedly be few)
    Whisperers of Subtle Prose
    Who Open their Hearts and Souls
    Who Captivate
    Who are also Only Men.

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