Ferocious unicorns.

dropped into Nirvana with no road map
no compass or sextant in my pack
stumbled headlong into the first trap
a net and spikes set by unicorns.

break free, fight to survive and stay alive
in this world where no hand comes to hold
the hand of a boy alone
to steer a course to calmer shores.

there are creatures here he fears,
ferocious unicorns with hoof and horn
that tear a body whole, he is alone,
learns in time to merge into the undergrowth,

he gets by in this lonely paradise of dreams
where nothing is quite as it seems
and expertise comes hard
when one knows nothing of these unicorns.

a cancer large to start and growing all the time,
confident, outwardly at least. but peace is elusive
to this boy in the undergrowth
running scared of unicorns.

~ Dave Kavanagh

The write is dedicated to a friend and fellow poet who is fighting for his life, if you read this piece please send him some light.

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