Echoes on a lonely road


Half past midnight
on a lonely road.

Edges of dark liquid night
flash beneath  echoes of moonlight.
Rumble of a passing monolith
in its wake a motorcycle
trailing air and memories.

Sparks implode on an iron grate.
A mother hushes a memory
back to sleep.
A truck! she’s up and peering out
at a road long past, gone,
On her own  path to destruction.

Brake hard,, gear down.
On a silver verge a father frowns,
He used to ride these bends he thinks.
Used to have friends along too.
He blinks, tucks those memories
back to where they belong
Where blue starlight ignites dreams
in the early morning.

The truck rumbles on,
the motorcycle is long gone
the air tainted with exhaust fumes
and regret and the struggle to forget
A mother hushes her loss
back to sleep.
A father thinks of what might
have been.

  – Dave Kavanagh

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