Diagnosis of addiction

A crooked man in a crooked house
was the first to advise me about my
“No need to worry” he assured me,
“I have it myself and it doesn’t
adversely affect me,”

I wasn’t so sure. He was poor
of stature but gigantic of ego.
Yes, yes I know!
Its a symptom…..

I asked him  “When did you first
“When my fingers bled” he said.
“I was nine the day I did my first

He showed me his fingers, blue
blood flowing from under the
“Its useless to resist” he smiled,
It’s so easily controlled, just do it all
the time and the flow will ease.

I looked at my own fist, a claw
clenched tight.
But try as I might I could not stem
the black flooding flow.

The shaking and trembling
was making me weaker.
With voice all but gone I
whispered feebly

He slid me some paper un-capped
two pens. Then hummed in time
to words birthed in scratching.

– Dave Kavanagh

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