An elephant in my garden

I just want you to know that today,
by chance as it happens, I discovered
that I have an elephant in my garden.
An elephant, you heard me right,
I discovered him today while pruning a bush.

An elephant is unusual for north Dublin
where elephants are rather rare;
we are much more familiar with hedgehogs
and hare.

I nearly injured the poor fellow as he quietly grazed
or browsed or whatever it is that elephants do.
My secateurs slicing, nearly piercing
his green and brown hide,
almost stabbed him fatally
in his glistening side,

His disguise was a masterclass in suburban blending
among the sedge and witch hazel that runs never ending,
a hedge at the wilder edge of our civilization.

He looked a little tarnished poor fellow
and somewhat startled when I snipped the roof of his shelter.
I must confess to being surprised myself.
The last time I had seen him was on Grandma’s shelf.
Lording it over some deer and a crystal cut elf.

He escaped, we believe in an unscheduled stampede
in the midst of a casual burglary. Perhaps the thief
was as surprised as I to find an elephant
staring him square in the eye
and in his panic and his dastardly criminal rush
he left that elephant under that bush.

– Dave Kavanagh

Really! I swear it is all true.

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