In search of verse

Are you so conceited,
so arrogant now
that you think words will bow
before you.
To fall in ranks sublime.
in metered
To the metronome
of your mind

Are you blinded
to the use of muse,
do you choose this path
of darkness to your soul

Do you think the world
will come to you
with her tongue dripping
coloured lines,
to dance in time to the baton
of your mind.

The darkness of your room,
the gloom
would only make them
mean and

Draw back the blinds,
let in the light,
sun by day
and moon by night.

Plunge your hands into the earth,
feel there her beating heart .
Embrace your children,
kiss your wife,
take a lover,
live your life.

Feel the wind on your face,
reverse lethargy’s curse.

Take your self in to the world,
leave just a scribbled note.
Let us know
You’ve gone in search of verse.

~  Dave Kavanagh.

3 thoughts on “In search of verse

  1. Bravo! Thank you, we all need to experience, and collect the precious nuances of our own lives. Your advise is well taken.


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