Hauling Porter.

A whistle and rattle at 4:10am.
Freight train on the coast route 
for Belfast, 
the last freighter hauling pipes 
and porter. 

The click and clack of tracks, 
wild west images, cactus 
and tumbleweed on the stretch
between Malahide and Skerries 

A star shoots straight up 
from a purple line. 
The sea reflecting burning engines.
Hissing steam, salt and 

Diesel roars and pours power 
to the big blower. Speed a steady 
fifty on the mainline. 
Express passenger train ahead 
and on time. 

The engineer lets the brake off 
on the long stretch to Dundalk. 
Hauling porter and pipes. 
The 4:10am freighter is gone.

– Dave Kavanagh

2 thoughts on “Hauling Porter.

  1. Dave, you are so blessed. The way you brighten your poetry with such sensory magic, and imagery as well. When I read your poems I see life in different ways. I find it very inspiring. Your poems are alive. Thank you for being so very great at what you do.

    Liked by 1 person

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