Spring Breezes

The first incursion of spring heat.
Creeping along hedgerows
tickling necks and spines.
Fine days outnumbering the cold.
Ground trembling under weight.
Buds and worms, emerge
in the warm.
Unfurling youth lazy, stretching
and yawning,
dawn alive with the sound of

Winter sleep still deep
in dark earth.
New birth on green fields,
mud yielding and drying as lanes
come into use again,
a gift of spreading newness.
Blue and yellow reflect in an aria
of April, performed in fits and starts
between diamond glistening
showers and ephemeral rainbows.
Strength grows as days stretch.
Solstice peaks over a distant

Spring Defeats spirits of the north
and invites
the southern breeze
to raise
the fleece on speckled sheep
grazing on the hills
above the town.

– Dave Kavanagh

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