Writer’s Bio

Born in the middle of the revolution
too young to protest or partake,
I expressed my approval by rebelling
against my mother
who dropped me off in Temple hill
on her way to a horse show somewhere.

I spent ‘65
the year of ‘Stop in the name of love’
giving the nuns some lip
and managing to get myself adopted.

By Nineteen seventy (At the age of six)
I was big already,
finished six foot six.
A bold child with mad eyes,
known for temper and occasional flair.
ADHD and dyslexia went undiagnosed,
I suppose if they had known
I would have had an easier ride.

Grew up a farm kid,
kicking hard in the dirt of north Dublin,
green land and fertile earth.
A father who kept me well-grounded
and a Mother who ground me into the dirt.
ADHD and dyslexia went undiagnosed

I finished second level education with little distinction
stumbled into Agricultural college where I collected,
in eight months of doing little,
a gentleman’s knowledge of the rudiments of farming,
charming place and a diploma to grace my wall
and that was all.

Farming was a bust, though I tried.
South Africa was grand, a land of sun and plenty
but politically unstable in nineteen eighty six so I left.
Denmark was next.
Loved Copenhagen,
the rest was flat, flat and flat,
bugger that so I left. ADHD went undiagnosed.

A Career of twenty five years in transport,
coast to coast and pole to pole.
Managed to build a company with a sizable turnover.
Gained grey hair and lost quarter of a century,

I started writing when I was eight,
the dyslexia was a problem
but as it hadn’t been diagnosed,
I didn’t know and wrote anyway.
Short stories, poems, a novel even, all lay unpublished,
some unfinished. ADHD hadn’t been diagnosed

I married Ber (Bernadette) in nineteen eighty five,
we have been together since
have survived the death of one child
and the lives of two others.
We are still in love and still dance cheek to cheek.
Fifty two years have passed since Temple Hill,
life hasn’t scarred me but living has, thankfully.

Oh and ADHD and Dyslexia have now been diagnosed.
It make a difference I suppose.

~ Dave Kavanagh

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