Goodbye Sister.

She was a rising, a rebellion. 
Battling against the city 
that bred her and the life that fed 
and clothe her. 
She didn’t fight for rights 
she demanded them as her due.

She knew nothing of suffrage 
or feminist struggles, 
she grabbed the world by the hand 
and yelled, lets boogie. 
And if the hand wasn’t willing, 
well the neck was weak.

She was a force of industry, 
iron and steel loud. 
Wheels turning and blades cutting. 
Putting her world in order. 
Slicing up life, adding spice 
Where spice was needed 
filing pain away for other days.

Loud of voice and life, 
larger than the dreams of most. 
A host of contradiction 
an affliction on the class, 
‘They can kiss my ass’ her refrain
when swearing was the domain 
of men. 

She paid no heed to rules 
or the fools who wrote them. 
She walked a world of men 
and never bowed her head 
until she was wed. 
Then she surrendered all to god. 
A wimple as insidious as a hijab. 

– Dave Kavanagh

© Dave Kavanagh @

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