Atlantic Peace

Even at peace 
you roll in tempestuous waves, 
breaking against my love 
and my temper.
Carrying a latin beat 
the swell and heat 
of Mexico and Brazil. 
You fill my eyes with your rise 
and fall, the call of undertow 
and currents.
Drifting, rising ire from below, 
a pyre of spume thrown 
against the shore. 

You come with the world 
in your essence, 
sense of ancient beginnings, 
a womb of worlds to come. 
Shaping and carving and crashing 
against the hardness that is me 
and all I am, all I will be.
Your fire and your gentle calm 
inviting me to rest 
and lose myself in surf and surge 
and purge the pain of living, 
to sleep in your arms 
safe from harm forever.

– Dave Kavanagh.

© Dave Kavanagh @

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