Do you hear them? 
The voices of those others 
who are also you. 
The reflections of other lives 
in other times. 
The voices and the rhymes
Calling you back 
from the blind brink 
of life and death. 
The voice of your tomorrow 
and your yesterday 
that say wait 
and so you hesitate 
and are safe. 
The voice of a wiser 
you that says yes, 
don’t second guess 
and so you meet fortune or love 
and come to believe in blind luck.

Listen to your own voice. 
Don’t let fear and doubt 
rule out the life 
you could have lived. 
Give in to chance, 
dance among the spinning stars, 
gaze at the world 
and grasp your day, 
your part, your happiness, 
your heart.

© Dave Kavanagh @ daithiocaomanaigh.com

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