Mind to Mind

In this cave of? Mind? Soul? 

                         I don’t know.

I hear life lines converge,
                But not with mine. 

I listen through walls 
of blood and skin, 
within the cave 
echoes speak of art. 
Co-joined, mind to mind 
              but not with mine.

I hear life in all its busy 
bustling messy ways. 
Hear mothers call 
             and children fall 
and laugh and fall again. 

Voices speaking words 
of life and passing time 
but none of them 
                         are mine.

In the dark ether
                      dreams float 
like dust motes mingling 
in the stillest air. 
and hopes and hopeless 
want, all fired in minds 
                defined by man 
but none of them are 

© Dave Kavanagh @ daithiocaomanaigh.com

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