The Celts

They came across the bridge 
of ice in the company 
of moose and dear, wolf and bear. 

They came to the edge of the world, 
only Hy-Brazil lay beyond here. 
Ice, sea and the edge of heaven. 

They came from heat and dry hills
where figs grew, to a land of water 
and lush grass. 
They came to a place of plenty.

They brought their Gods and priests, 
their magic and their tastes. 
They became the secret people 
of the west 
and settled in this land 
where the sun drowned in grey.

They brought arcane arts, 
builders craft, the raths and the dikes. 
They formed alliances with the trees 
understood the use of grain 
and seed and leaf. 

The spoke in tongues to the seas, 
the rivers and streams. 
They built great tombs and forts 
to the glory of their gods. 
They were the keepers of the sun, 
the magic of the one.

They became the land 
and the land became them, 
the tribe, the clan the secret men. 
They became the celts.

© Dave Kavanagh @

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