Aurora Nights

I have this dream, a voyage on cold northern seas. A dream

                          but also a memory. 
Of a diesel engine rising steam 
in frozen air 
and the song 
                       of the minke 
             whales that swim there.

I have this dream of frost on 
bow rails and the low hum 
                            of growing ice, 
crystal blooming under a midnight sun
and the sheen of seals 
                         that swam astern. 

I have this memory 
                        of cod filled nets, 
yellow oilskins wet 
and sleek 
on the deck of a factory ship. 
I have this memory of narrow bunks 
                        and ice banks. 
Scalding coffee warming hands 
     at dawn 
                as the sun fell 
                            and rose again.

I have this dream about being  
within hailing distance
                         of fiddlers green. 
Of northern lights flickering 
in frozen air and rich seas 
in the realm of ice bears.

I have a memory of aurora skies. 
                        And breaking ice. 
Of rich fishing grounds. 
And the sounds of whales in heaving
I have a dream of northern lights 
                     and aurora nights

© Dave Kavanagh 2016

© Dave Kavanagh @

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