Monochromatic Memory

adam and chip2


I have this memory, a boy and a dog. In snow.
A picture burned indelibly into my mind with the heat
of ice and time.
A monochromatic image, no shading of grey that day

I wonder if they were happy then, in snow, the boy kneeling,
I wonder what he was feeling, if the boy remembers that day.
Friendship expressed keenly between a boy and a dog, in snow,
Feelings leaching fast from un-gloved hands into the frozen land

I wonder if the boy grew into a good son, a husband, a father?
I wonder did the dog have a good death, loved and held to the end?
That dog black and white in a world of snow and night.
I remember them, for just that one moment. An image of what?
companionship perhaps, a boy and his dog, kneeling in snow.
A glow of white on black. Ghosts burned indelibly into the back
of my mind

© Dave Kavanagh 2016

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