Green Eyes

On a spring morning, full of sun and wind and sleet,

I met joy and hope, a child bride on a city street.

A lazy Saturday on the cobbles of a windy sunlit way.

Eyes meet as I glance, entirely by happenstance.


or perhaps, through the hand of a God of fortune.

Her smile struck me. Sublime, joy in those shining green eyes.

A cynical smirk fades, Jaded by life and man’s malicious art

Something in this child’s sweetness warmed this cold heart.


She was maybe eighteen, no more I am sure,

Smiling. On the cusp of life, about to become a wife.

The swell of motherhood hidden, behind a bouquet of blue.

A boy. I smile, she smiles. I am no one to her but I share her joy.


The boy is handsome in a badly groomed sort of way,

Hair thus. With oil that I detest. Shaved? Yes, but stubble left,

He wore a black suit. A white shirt with no tie. I sigh, bewildered

She deserves more. A tie, it’s not so much to ask on such a day


Children only, so innocent to old eyes. But still! He wore no tie.

She merits at least that. These memories must in time, stand a test.

So I slip off my own tie. It is black by luck. And silk of course.

I like it, but I don’t hesitate.  I offer my hand and my tie to the boy.



And he accepts my gift, a bemused smile. Thinking, I’m sure,

I am not some stranger but in fact a special arranger of black silk ties.

And so on the day new life begins, I look into green eyes and grin.

She smiles and I nod happy, an accord of sorts. I turn then and walk on



They stepped in to a building, to exchange vows or swear oaths,

I don’t know how these things go. I am beyond that age now.

They were gone and so was I. A brief meeting but of meaning.

The sun for a while, shines differently from the bright clearing sky.


Shadows tumble, dancing on down the city street, in front of me

the day now replete with joy, the simple gift of a tie and green eyes.



© Dave Kavanagh 2016

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