Crossing Again



A walked this road before, the silver path. Voices hailed me then, called me forth. I was alone and my spirit was young. I walked into a different time, a different world. My spirit is old now. Many times I have traversed the void, the tunnel of light and the path to life. I have lived and died more than hundred times.

I have learned. I was young and wilful in the age of fire and stone and sand, in a different land. Light was all then, light and life, to grow in knowledge and in knowing. I was a father in the time of ice and boulders, in the time of building and villages. I fathered generations, a nation of fishermen and fish wives. They were wise and gave nothing until all value had been wrung from it.

I come now from a time of endings and death. I have grown, yet the world has not. Space deflates and room is less for souls to grow. Light is not a gift but a right demanded. Man is once again a foolish child and I am old.

Others walk with me now, on the silver path towards eternity.


© Dave Kavanagh 2016

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