Superior Lilies

Damn tiger lilies over there,
with noses stuck up in that air.
Who the hell do the think they are.

Raised from seed like beans or peas.
And heavens, lets accept it please
That pollens all the same to bees

Saffron’s not for everyone. Very over rated
And the GMO mutated……….
Grow just as tall and just as well.
I’m going straight to hell……….
                                                        for saying that.

                                                        And lord knows but.
Lilies are really just fritillaries
in fancy hats, well fancy that
or alliums to be ogled at, its the truth.
                                                        I googled it.

Just over rated scallion, not pitch black Spanish stallions
I feel their eyes on my neck oh what the heck.
I hope they didn’t hear me.

© Dave Kavanagh @

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