Under a French sky.


I heard the guy on the TV say.
“I am happy here. I will gladly stay.
Until I fade away. Until I die
Beneath this French sky”.

Wow. It struck me then, so unique
What a place and dream to find.
To stay, to never stray.
Happy in this Eden you have found,
under red tiled roof
on a patch of ground.

In France. With not a word of language
a dream wrapped up in a Gite.
A house and life complete.
Carved from earth and wood and straw.

I watched him build. Watched him shape
with his own labour that dream of his Utopia.
I watched his struggle and his pain,
saw his fear and pain
As he tried to build that dream

I became a fan.
I cheered for that man under French Skies
and his dream of paradise.
An ordinary man, his wife and daughter
seemed nice too, but it was he
who drove this vison of a home.

I saw it take shape under French skies.
Saw with pleasure and surprise
the depth of knowledge that man aquired.
I saw him worn and saw him tired
but never once did he show real doubt.

He finished the project,
his dream. It was never perfect but it was his.
And through him it was his  daughters
And his wives. Nice people
working hard to build a dream
under French skies.

I saw the man age,
saw his life unfold, his story told.
I realised with surprise then
That despite it all good folk still win
He was seven years under a French sky
content to live there until he dies.

© Dave Kavanagh @ daithiocaomanaigh.com

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