The first time I crossed I was wind, 
or a dream of wind. 
Scales and a gaping maw. 
And claws for ripping and rending. 
A dragon I was
I wore years in sparse coats of pin feathers 
and no ruff to speak of. My cry immature 
my appetite near impossible to sate. 
I fed on time, on knowledge and on knowing. 
I consumed the yellow nectar of the day 
and the ice flowers of the night 
and my feathers grew bright to death. 
Fire and heat and I sank into the light.
I came again among men, a monster of the sea 
with an appetite greater than the world. 
I gorged on ripples and on froth 
and crunched scale and bone 
until I had grown to full. 
I became the sea and all it held. 
With wings to fly its greatest depths.
I bore sons and daughters, 
nations of fishers and fish wives. 
Half the world of men I sired
I came the last time as a man 
who was the earth and was the sea
for the power and knowledge of it all 
flowed through me. Blood of brine 
and breathe of mountain ice and stream. 
And all was pain, air thin and toxic, 
my skin to tight to wear and head alight 
with knowing beyond its capacity. 
I felt the pressure of lungs collapse 
of ribs subside, as I shrunk and died.
I am leaving now 
and beside me swims the blue 
and gallop the black, 
the behemoth and the unicorn
on silver paths from dusk to dawn. 
Gone with the power and the knowing. 
Gone to the universe end. 
the earth is done with beasts and men.

© Dave Kavanagh @

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