Blood Moon

11:59:59 No summons, no dance.
Ephemeral you step down from night.
Aura still of stars spilling from you hair
your smile, a blazing comets trail.

The same but different in every way.
Dipped in mercury, you glow 
I reach for your hand 
but find no resistance there.
Fear so soon that you will go.

Listen can you hear? 
The wind sets the grass alight. 
A tide of grey flows at our feet.

Resist breath and time 
Each heart beat is counted. 
Lunar shadows 
run in contrary directions. 

Pull of earth as you draw away. 
You are tidal now, Perfect. 
A million shattered beams of light, 
seen through tears as you go. 
Loss again. Our moment passed. 

The sea turns bright as you disappear. 
Silver washed tears and emptiness.

From the deepest room of a beating heart
I draw forth strength. 
When will the moon bleed again?

12:01:59 a shadow on an empty beach

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